Frequently Asked Questions
  1. What is PayMaya Pay Bills?

    Pay Bills is a new feature in the PayMaya app that allows users to pay their utility bills as well government contributions anytime, anywhere.

  2. How do I use Pay Bills?
    1. Select Pay Bills in the app
    2. Choose biller
    3. Provide account number
    4. Enter amount of payment
    5. Confirm payment
    6. Payment success
    7. Dashboard
  3. What bills can I pay using this service?

    We're adding more so stay tuned!

  4. Do I need to enroll my account number or biller before I can my bill?

    Paying bills using your Paymaya is so easy! No need to enroll your account number or biller to pay your bills.

  5. How do I load my PayMaya?

    You can load your PayMaya at 7-eleven, Robinson’s Dept. Store, SM business centers, Smart Padala, Smart Wireless Center, BDO, & Touch Pay. To learn more, click here(link to FAQs for loading).

  6. Can I use this if I just have the physical card?

    No, you need to have the app to be able to use this service.

  7. Can I pay the bill of my family or friend using this?

    Yes, as long as you provide their correct account number.

  8. Can I use this to pay my bills anywhere?

    Yes, as long as you have internet connection to log in to the app.

  9. Do I need to be upgraded to use Pay Bills?

    No, you just need to download, activate, and load up your PayMaya account to use this.

  10. Are there any fees?

    The fees will be displayed on the interface as they vary depending on the biller.

  11. Can I pay my bills in advance?

    Some billers will not accept payment on the due date. We recommend that you pay 3 to 5 days in advance so we can properly process your payments.

  12. Can I make partial payments?

    We recommend paying in full as some billers do not allow partial payments. Please check with your biller.

  13. Will the app show my balance due?

    No, you may refer to your billing statement to know your due balance.

  14. How do I make sure my bill was paid?

    Paymaya will give you an in-app notification that your bill has been paid with reference ID and receipt no. The receipt no. does not serve as an official receipt but only a transaction receipt no.

  15. What happens if my bills payment fails?

    The amount you wanted to pay will return to your account.

  16. Can I pay my bills after their due date?

    This depends if the specific biller allows it. Some billers allow this, kindly check with your biller.

  17. Can I pay more than the amount due?

    This depends if the specific biller allows it. Some billers allow this, kindly check with your biller.

  18. If I pay my bills today, when will my payment be credited?

    Posting of transaction depends on the biller. To ensure continuous service of your billers, please ensure to pay your bills 2-3 days before your due date.

  19. What do I do if I settled the wrong account? Is there a charge to have this reversed?

    There is no reversal once you’ve confirmed your payment. Kindly double check your account number to avoid inconvenience.

  20. What is the maximum amount allowed for bills pay?

    Same as the limit of your account. For non-upgraded, Php 50,000 and Php 100,000 for upgraded accounts.

  21. Is it considered late payment if I paid on the exact due date given that it takes a while for the payment to be posted?

    This depends if the specific biller allows it. Kindly check with your biller.

  22. Will I get an official receipt when I pay my bills through PayMaya?

    No, but we will provide a reference number to show/track your payment. To request an official receipt, please contact your biller.

  23. Why is the Pay Bills option empty in my app?

    You would need the latest version of the app for you to use Bills Pay.

    You can update here:

    For Android:

    For iOS:

  24. Who do I call if I encounter problems with my payment?

    You may call Paymaya for wallet debiting concerns:

    For non-posting of payment, please call our service partner Bayad Center:

    Please present your payment Reference ID or Receipt No. from the in-app payment notification of Paymaya.