Frequently Asked Questions
  1. What is Smart MasterCard?

    Smart partnered with PayMaya to allow Smart subscribers to experience the Smart Digital Life, and add more value to their existing service as a Smart/Sun/TNT subscriber. Aside from enabling Smart subscribers to purchase online even without a credit card through an instant virtual prepaid Smart MasterCard, the partnership brings more exclusive perks and deals.

  2. What’s the difference between the virtual prepaid Smart MasterCard and the existing PayMaya virtual card?

    If you register using a Smart/TNT/Sun mobile number, you will get a virtual prepaid Smart Mastercard. Other mobile networks will get a virtual prepaid Visa card
    Virtual prepaid Smart MasterCard will get special promos from Smart, such as 10% discount on prepaid load and discounts / offers in ZALORA, Uber and Jollibee.

    *Offers are subject to change and will be communicated through various Smart channels.

  3. Can I use my virtual prepaid Smart Mastercard the same way a virtual prepaid Visa card is used?

    You can use the virtual prepaid Smart Mastercard to shop and make payments online where Mastercard is accepted, while the virtual prepaid Visa card can be used where Visa is accepted. Usually, online merchants accept both.

  4. Who do I get in touch with in case I have issues with my virtual prepaid Smart MasterCard or PayMaya Account?

    1. Send us a note at or
    2. Call the PayMaya Hotline at (+632) 845-77-88; Toll-free: 1800-1084-57788

  5. Can I get the virtual prepaid Smart Mastercard even if I’m not a Smart subscriber?

    Only Smart/Sun/TNT subscribers can get a virtual prepaid Smart MasterCard. Whatever network you are using, you can enjoy PayMaya as Visa and MasterCard have unique perks you can enjoy!

  6. Can I load up my virtual prepaid Smart Mastercard through PayMaya load-up centers?

    Definitely! the virtual prepaid Smart Mastercard can be accessed through the PayMaya app and therefore all PayMaya load-up centers can load up the Smart Mastercard.

  7. Will the virtual prepaid Smart Mastercard have a physical card?

    Yes, we will have the physical Smart Mastercard cards and NFC stickers issued by PayMaya which you can use to shop and dine in your favorite stores, withdraw* and pay for toll fees at SCTEX, CAVITEX, and NLEX. Stay tuned!

    *You need to upgrade your account to unlock the ATM withdrawal feature.

  8. While the Smart Mastercard physical card is not yet available, can I link a PayMaya physical card to my virtual prepaid Smart Mastercard?

    Yup! All you have to do is link your card to the app. Your physical card and virtual card will share the same wallet and balance.

  9. What if I’m a Smart subscriber and already have a virtual prepaid Visa card, can I have a virtual prepaid Smart Mastercard instead?

    In the meantime, this is not possible. We will keep you posted. Right now, get to enjoy the services of the account you have.

  10. Can I avail of virtual prepaid Visa promos if I have a virtual prepaid Smart Mastercard?

    There will be promos exclusive to virtual Visa account and promos for virtual Smart Mastercards users only. However, there will also be some promotions open to all PayMaya users. Stay tuned to catch exciting promos from us!

  11. What if I have the PayMaya app already and yet, I am a Smart / Sun / TNT user, will my virtual card automatically switch to virtual Smart Mastercard later on? What if I updated my app to a newer version / re-downloaded it?

    You will still have the same account you created even if you update or re-download your PayMaya.

  12. Can I create a PayMaya account with virtual prepaid Smart Mastercard using the same number I used for my old PayMaya app?

    Nope. You can’t have two accounts using the same mobile number.

  13. Promo-related FAQs

    • Will you offer the same airtime load discount to PayMaya users with virtual prepaid Visa?

      PayMaya users get to enjoy load discounts through the PayMaya Shop. However, the airtime load discount being offered by Smart is exclusive to PayMaya users with the virtual prepaid Smart MasterCard.

    • I saw the promo #MerryMillionaire. Can I join that?

      Yes, by downloading the app and registering as a PayMaya user, you can earn one (1) raffle entry. You can also earn a raffle entry for every single-receipt purchase worth at least P500. For more details about the promo, visit

    • I saw your Uber promo. Do I get the P100 off on 4 rides also?

      The PayMaya-Uber promo which is valid until November 30 is exclusive to PayMaya customers with Visa accounts. Soon, PayMaya Visa promos will be available to Smart MasterCard users. Moreover, you have to be a first-time Uber user to avail of the promo. For the meantime, you can just link your virtual prepaid Smart Mastercard to Uber and watch out for upcoming promos.

    • I saw your PayPal promo. Can I avail of that?

      Right now, the PayPal promo is limited to Visa accounts only. We’ll keep you posted!

    • How about the Food Panda promo? Can I avail of that, too?

      The Food Panda is similar to the PayPal and Uber promos--it is currently available to PayMaya customers with Visa accounts. Stay tuned for developments!

    • Can I avail of other PayMaya promos if I’m a Smart MasterCard customer?

      There will be PayMaya promos exclusive to Visa card users and exclusive to Mastercard card users. There will be promos available for all PayMaya app users. Catch them @PayMayaOfficial on Facebook for these exciting promos!