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Using WooCommerce for your website or app, and need to accept card payments?
PayMaya Checkout is perfect for you!
Easy Integration

Simply upload a plug-in to your Woocommerce Store to accept all credit, debit, prepaid cards of


Simple pricing, fast settlement

No monthly fees. Only pay for every transaction you make. Receive your funds during the next banking day.

Your business will have access to a dashboard, including a summary of all sales, and graphs showing your transaction reports.

Secure Transacations
Protect your customers with a secure, PCI-DSS certified platform
Created by Filipinos, for Filipinos
How it works

Once integrated with your website, customers checking out will be redirected to your PayMaya Checkout page
Step 1: Install Checkout plug-in
Learn more on installation steps here
Step 2: Configure Settings in Wordpress Admin
Step 3: Accept payments in your website
Step 4: Client will be re-directed to Checkout page