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Increase sales by accepting card payments.
Enjoy the convenience of a simple, secure, and low-cost mobile point-of-sale (POS) with your smartphone or tablet. Accept card payments for over-the-counter transactions deliveries, meet-ups, and events through PayMaya Swipe.

Accepts and
  • Expand your reach by accepting card payments from local and international Mastercard, JCB and VISA cardholders
  • Low-cost investment with plug-and-play mobile point-of-sale kit
  • No minimum transaction requirement, just pay 3-4% MDR* and a fixed transaction processing fee
  • Receive your funds the next business day to local banks: BDO, Metrobank, Landbank, Security Bank, Eastwest Bank, Union Bank
  • Eliminate the risk of handling cash
*special rates apply to qualified merchants
  • Capture customer signatures on your device
  • Send transaction receipts via SMS and e-mail
  • Connect to bluetooth printers
  • Get world-class security for standard credit card payment processing
  • Access real-time online sales report
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Partnership / Corporation Government Agency / Non-Government Organization+
Frequently Asked Questions
What is PayMaya Swipe?
PayMaya Swipe is a mobile point-of-sale solution that allows a business to accept card payments.
Is the delivery charge included in the payment for PayMaya Swipe Merchant Kit?
Yes. The price includes the delivery charge.
What happens when the card reader is defective?
Just send us an email and we will send the replacement in 2-3 days. Replacement of card readers is free-of-charge. The card reader is covered with a one-year warranty.
Should I submit a separate application form if I want to get a PayMaya Swipe Merchant Kit for my other businesses?
Yes. Each business of the merchant should be enrolled in the service. A separate set of business documents is also required for submission.
How do I get my money from my business' processed card payments?
We will deposit to your nominated bank account in 1 business day.
What is KYC?
KYC (Know Your Customer) is a standard and regulatory verification procedure to check the identity of the customer, called the “merchant” for this service. The KYC includes a personal meeting with the customer and a review of the submitted documents in the Merchant Application form.
What do I need to start using the Service?
  • Smartphone or tablet that runs on Android or iOS. Minimum Operating System (OS) Requirements: Android: 2.20 Froyo iOS: 6.1
  • Internet connection. The Service can run using a WIFI connection. Running the Service using a SMART and SUN data access is FREE-of-charge.
  • (Optional) PC or laptop. You may use a PC or laptop to view your sales report. You may also opt to view them on your mobile or tablet device.
  • (Optional) SIM card. You will only use a SIM card when you opt to send the transaction receipt via SMS. Standard SMS rates apply.
Can I PayMaya Swipe outside the Philippines?
No. By standard regulatory, the Service can only be used and operated within jurisdiction of the Republic of the Philippines.